How to prevent some problems of LED street lamps?

1. Check the charge and discharge of the battery.

Many LED street lamps are equipped with batteries. In order to make the batteries last longer, we have to check them frequently. The main purpose is to check the discharge of the battery to see if there is a normal charge and discharge of the battery. Sometimes we have to check the electrodes or wiring of LED street lamps for signs of corrosion, and if so, we should deal with them as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems.

2. Check the lamp body of LED street lamp.

The lamp body of LED street lamp is also a very important part, we should always see if there is any serious damage or leakage. No matter what kind of situation occurs, it should be dealt with as soon as possible, especially the phenomenon of electric leakage, so as to avoid the occurrence of electric shock accidents.

3. Check the condition of the controller.

LED street lamps are exposed to wind and rain outdoors, so whenever it is windy and heavy, we have to see whether there is damage or water in the LED street lamp controller. Such cases are rare, but should be dealt with in time once discovered. Only regular inspection can ensure that LED street lights can be used for a longer time.

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