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What is the wiring method for outdoor high-power LED floodlights with different working voltages\LED floodlights?

by CINOTON 28 Oct 2021 0 Comments
Our high-power LED floodlights have several main differences in wiring methods and the power supply voltage of the installation site and the design working voltage of the lamps. Common high-power LED floodlights with different working voltages\LED floodlights wiring methods are:
① It is directly connected to AC220V of the mains. The input line of the LED floodlight body is usually a three-core cable, and the three-cores are connected to the live wire, the neutral wire and the ground wire respectively;
②low-voltage input led floodlights, low-voltage input electricity has AC low-voltage AC and DC low-voltage DC, low-voltage power supply our general lamps and lanterns out of the power lead for a two-core wire, respectively connected to the positive + and negative-and can not be connected in reverse, the reverse will cause the lamp not bright or flickering and other phenomena, the input electricity must be consistent with the working voltage of the lamp body.
③ For externally controlled led floodlights with light control function, we have to connect a power cable and another control signal line. The power cable is just like the 1,2 wiring method, and the signal line needs to be customized according to What kind of control method such as DMX512 and so on.
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