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What is the difference between energy-saving lights and LED lights

by CINOTON 25 Jun 2020 0 Comments
What is the difference between energy-saving lights and LED lights
1.Different levels of energy saving
Nowadays, LED lights are very popular. LED is synonymous with energy saving and high brightness in people's hearts. Everyone knows that LED bulbs save power, or have heard of it, but why? As soon as the data is up, the results are very clear. The common power of incandescent lamps is 100 watts, the common power of energy-saving lamps is 15 watts, and the common power of LED lamps is 5 watts. Due to the different lighting principles of energy-saving lamps and LEDs, their luminous efficiency is different, and different brands of light bulbs have different luminous efficiency due to different quality. In comparison, the luminous efficiency of LED lamps is much higher than that of energy-saving lamps, basically, it can reach the gap of double.
2.Different heat dissipation
LED energy-saving and power-saving, so its calorific value is smaller. There is no risk of spontaneous combustion if LED bulbs are installed. Poor-quality high-power energy-saving light bulbs are very serious to generate heat, and even if the heat dissipation function is not good, the reflective bowl will even be damaged. Compared with LED bulbs, its risk factor is higher.
3.Different temperature
When used for a long period of time, both types of bulbs will generate heat, high temperature will cause light decay, energy-saving lamps will illuminate will generate large heat, and LED is a cold light source, the heat generated is much smaller than energy-saving lamps, so LED light decay Smaller than energy-saving lamps.
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