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The basic concept of office space lighting design

by CINOTON 24 Aug 2020 0 Comments

The basic concept of office space lighting design

Good office lighting not only refers to lighting. It should be capable of various different needs. We provide a wide range of lighting concepts for office lighting design, from suspended to embedded and ceiling installation to the greatest extent to satisfy customers' decoration and function Demand.

With the relative independence of employees' office and the influence of communication methods, it will directly determine the structure type of the office space. The unit office area employees focus on their work, while the integrated office area focuses on office and communication is convenient. Therefore, the lighting in different applications The scheme is different.

In addition to the color temperature and color rendering of the light source, office lighting must also consider the average illuminance, comfort, uniformity and safety of the office. In addition, the cost of the entire lighting system should also be considered.

Utilization factor-lighting design must require an accurate utilization factor, otherwise there will be a big deviation. The following factors affect the size of the utilization factor: 1.Light distribution curve of lamps. 2.Light output ratio of lamps. 3.Indoor reflection coefficient (ceiling, wall, work table). 4.Lighting arrangement.

The following factors affect the maintenance coefficient: 1.Failure value of fluorescent tube. 2.Dust adhering to fluorescent tubes and lamps. 3.P6 board aging or grid aluminum sheet oxidation, etc.

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