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LED flood light failure treatment method

by CINOTON 19 Jun 2020 0 Comments

LED flood light failure treatment method

If you want to know how to deal with LED floodlight failure, you must first understand the basic structure of the floodlight.

LED floodlight is mainly composed of LED light source (also known as LED lamp beads), LED power supply (also known as LED driver, transformer), housing, waterproof gasket and waterproof glue. The quality of the LED light source driver is good, the waterproof is good, and the shell material is thick enough (to meet the heat generated by the light source power supply), the floodlight will basically have no problem. So, what if the LED floodlight is broken,  blinking, sometimes bright, slightly bright? I will tell you how to repair and replace it today.

The failure of LED floodlights is generally the light source and driver. The main reason is that the quality of the light source and power supply used is poor. If there is a tool to detect it, you know which one is broken. The following are the main reasons why the LED floodlight is not on.

1.The power supply malfunction

Floodlight power supply failures account for the majority, and the power supply provides a stable operating voltage for the light source.

2.The light source fault

Check whether there is a black spot in the middle of the sealing glue of the lamp bead. This black spot is caused by 2 reasons. The first is the long-term use, the temperature of the lamp bead is transferred to the high temperature of the glue and the phosphor.The second is that the current of the power supply is too high (the power supply is unstable or the quality of the light source is poor), and the lamp bead itself is broken or necrotic.

3.rosin joint

The integrated lamp bead of the floodlight is connected to two wires. Are there any virtual welding, false welding, cold welding of the lamp bead, and whether the power input wire has loose connection points, open circuit, etc. Check whether the connection of the driver is damaged first.

4.There is water in the lamp 

This is not waterproof, and the consequences may cause the light source and power supply to be burned out, so it is basically impossible to repair. If you understand it, you can replace the light source and power supply. If necessary, you can contact the supplier. The main reason is that the product quality is not good enough.




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