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Garden lighting suggestions & types

by CINOTON 10 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Garden lighting suggestions & types

Safety recommendations for night lighting: lawn lights, courtyard street lights, wall lights, column lights and door lights installed around the house can provide lighting around your home, and use lights to expand the safe area.

Recommendations for the setting of garden light switches: For the sake of safety and convenience, most light switches in the garden should be controlled indoors.

Garden landscape light: installing a small water feature with lighting function can make the balcony garden a perfect focal point.

Perfect lighting can enrich the content of the courtyard space. Through the contrast between light and dark, highlight the key landscape in a background with low environmental brightness, attracting people’s attention. When choosing garden lights, pay attention to the protection factor: ensure that the protection factor of all garden lighting is above IP44. Can decorate courtyard space art. The decorative function of courtyard lighting design can embellish or strengthen the space through the shape and texture of the lamps themselves and the arrangement and combination of lamps. The organic combination of point, line and surface can be used to highlight the art of scientific application of light in the structure of the courtyard and create a strong atmosphere of courtyard lighting.

Courtyard landscape lighting type

Different lighting methods have different rendering effects, and each different lighting method needs to pay attention to many details. Below we tell you some common lighting methods and some tips for courtyards.

Floodlighting: This is the most common lighting method we use in landscape lighting. Its method is like using a flashlight to illuminate the illuminated object. It can ensure the uniform illumination of all sides of the illuminated object.

Contour lighting: Use lights to enhance the contours of the landscape and highlight the landmarks of the landscape.

Internal light-transmitting lighting: the method of using indoor light to project outdoors. This has higher requirements for the pre-embedded presets.

Knowing all kinds of courtyard landscape lighting methods can add a lot to the whole design. Use courtyard lights reasonably, and don't waste the beautiful night belonging to the courtyard.


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