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Choose the right lighting for your outdoor space

by CINOTON 08 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Choose the right lighting for your outdoor space

Courtyard lighting makes your home warmer. While improving the view of the courtyard space, it also enhances your courtyard experience, allowing you to spend an unforgettable time with your dear family.

Cinoton lighting-courtyard lighting series lamps can effectively reduce energy consumption and make your home more comfortable and safer. In addition to the compelling advantage of energy saving, our courtyard lamps are made of durable high-quality materials and are available in various designs.

Courtyard lighting: focus on comfort and safety

As a part of home lighting solutions, the importance of courtyard lighting is often overlooked by us. It can create the illusion of someone in the home, reduce the chance of intrusion by outsiders, and extend the sense of security and warm atmosphere to the surroundings of the home. Illuminate the steps in front of you.

The IP-certified cinoton courtyard lighting is stylish and durable, able to adapt to outdoor conditions and resist wind and rain. IP certification can ensure that household outdoor lamps can withstand wet weather. Compared with traditional lighting lamps such as incandescent lamps and CFLi lamps, the new type of garden lamps and wall lamps introduced by cinoton lighting can effectively save energy by 80%.

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