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5 suggestions for buying led lights

by CINOTON 07 Jun 2020 0 Comments

5 suggestions for buying led lights

1.Select color temperature according to season and environment

The color temperature range is 2700 ~ 6500K. The smaller the value is, the more it is towards yellow light, otherwise it is towards blue and white light. Yellow light is usually suitable for winter and bedroom, living room, dining room and other occasions. The white light is brighter and clearer, suitable for summer, study, kitchen, etc.

2.Need to focus on color contrast, high color rendering

Color rendering refers to the authenticity of the color of the object after being irradiated by light. The value is 0 ~ 100. Now the color rendering standard of LED bulbs is more than 75 or more. It is recommended to choose 80 or more. Light bulbs can better reflect the authenticity of colors.

3.Select quantity and flux according to size and ambient lighting needs

Luminous flux refers to brightness. In the same size, according to different environments, the number of bulbs used varies.

4.Choose high luminous efficiency

The higher the luminous efficiency, the more power saving. The current luminous efficiency of LED lamps [lumens / wattage] is generally higher than 80. The higher the value, the more power saving.

5.Choice of lamps and lanterns

General LED bulbs (not wide-angle) are suitable for downlighting lamps, and wide-angle LED bulbs are suitable for floodlights.

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